Business booming for Denver stores and restaurants ahead of Avs and Nuggets playoffs

DENVER — Colorado sports fans are some of the best and most loyal fans in the country.

Their support of the Nuggets and Avalanche ahead of the playoffs helps boost sales for local stores and businesses throughout the region.

Denver7 spoke with Sportsfan employees at the 16th Street Mall in Denver who said they saw an increase in customers on Sunday.

“It’s a tight-knit fanbase,” said sales associate Matthew McNamara. “They really really like their team.”

These businesses are still working to rebound from the pandemic and are now in the midst of a major construction project.

“If it’s dusty, people don’t want to walk around because it’s noisy too. So sometimes when we’re talking with clients, and they’re there with their construction stuff, you know, it gets loud. It also hampers the whole walkway we have to get there,” he added.

But he says the playoffs already help a lot.

“You’ve got Nuggets fans coming out to support the home team – Timberwolves fans, they’re not the home team and yet we still saw them in great force for Game 1 tonight,” he said. he declares.

Business booming for Denver stores and restaurants ahead of Avs and Nuggets playoffs

Meanwhile, bars and restaurants in Denver are also stocking up with everything they need.

Paul Lord, bartender and server at Brooklyn’s, a restaurant and bar located just off Ball Arena, said he has more staff available this week ahead of the Nuggets and Avalanche playoffs.

” It will be good. It will be a good crowd,” Lord said. “On a day like this you have 5-6 bartenders here, 3-4 bartenders upstairs and 20-25 waiters on duty.”

They are equally excited, hoping to see both teams win their games this week.

“If they win, morale is always good. People are always happy,” Lord said.

He said you can call the restaurant ahead to try to make a reservation, but added that they save about 80% of the store for appointments and encourage people to come earlier to avoid the rush.

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