Brock Davies’ Theory Why ‘Pump Rules’ Cast Won’t Film

Brock Davies has a theory as to why the Vanderpump Rules the cast would no longer film. There has been a lot of speculation about a bombshell being dropped at the reunion. That’s why the cast seemed to be told to wait for anything related to contracts. So, according to Scheana Shay’s husband, what could be the real reason? Read on for more details.

Brock Davies’ Theory of Why Pump Rules The cast would no longer film

There have been many rumors as to why the Pump Rules the cast hasn’t signed on for season 11 yet. Yes, the show has been renewed but the cast is holding back. It was an exciting season as a huge scandal broke just a month after season 10 aired. It changed everything including the viewership which exploded. Then, for the first time, the meeting had to be split. Raquel Leviss, who had an affair with Tom Sandoval, alleged that Scheana Shay hit her and filed a TRO. Sandoval was dating Scheana’s best friend, Ariana Madix, when he began having this affair with Raquel, also a close friend.

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Scheana admitted to pushing her and throwing her phone, but due to the TRO the women had to be 100 yards apart. This meant they couldn’t film the reunion together. However, something explosive would happen during the reunion that only one cast member and the showrunner are aware of. It could make actors not want to sign their contracts, but what could it be? According We Weekly, Brock Davies thinks he has the answer. “I mean, yeah, if they don’t pay them right, but I have no idea,” he guessed.

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So basically Brock Davies thinks it all comes down to money which is not completely out of the realm of business. It has been speculated that Tom Sandoval thinks he is worth a lot after the scandal. The cast also believe they had an epic season and should be paid their due. However, Brock openly admits that he really has no skin in the game and has no idea how it actually works for the cast.

The truth is…

Brock Davies added: “Honestly, it’s not my world. I learned very quickly after season 9. I think my best place is alongside Scheana, not in front of her, [but] by his side and [supporting] her. However, that means going through filming and going through it all, and I think that’s the same for all actors. He also shared that the actors have long friendships, so the emotions they feel and show are completely authentic.

Do you think money is one of the factors preventing the cast from signing or is there really a deep, dark secret? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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