Brittany Snow hints she was ‘blindsided’ by divorce from Tyler Stanaland, reveals ‘Pitch Perfect’ costar ‘cured me’

Brittany Snow hints she was 'blindsided' by divorce from Tyler Stanaland, reveals 'Pitch Perfect' costar 'cured me'

Brittany snow opens in a new interview about his mentally tough year.

The 36-year-old actress, who is promoting her new book ‘September Letters’, spoke with Hustle on the inspiration behind the book, and how she found solace with Perfect co-star after his divorce from Tyler Stanland.

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In the interview, Brittany admitted that “last year I went through probably the toughest mental health challenge I have ever faced.”

“In one day, in a few hours, my life completely changed. I was blind and everything I thought I knew, held sacred and really trusted in my life was completely different,” she added.

While she didn’t mention Tyler name, Brittany revealed that she relied on one of her Perfect co-stars as she healed her broken heart.

“Last year was really tough for me, and one of the girls, I just, you know, opened her door and I fell on the floor and I cried and I lay there,” says -She. “And she basically looked after me for about four days. And he wasn’t the one I thought he’d be able to do either.

Brittany continued, “I think that’s what’s really important about this book, knowing that one thing you can have in your toolbox is a community of friends who will just sit with you on the floor. They don’t need to give you advice. They don’t need to fix it for you. They are right there.

In a recent Instagram, Brittany reflected on the past year.

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