Brittany Higgins shows off her lavish new life after payout, David Sharaz does not miss ‘9 to 5’

Brittany Higgins has moved into a lavish Gold Coast home after receiving a large, confidential settlement payment from the federal government as a result of her allegations that she was raped in Parliament House.

The former political staffer uploaded a series of photos to Instagram on Tuesday to show off the beachfront estate she now shares with her fiancé David Sharaz and their dog, Kingston.

“Home sweet home,” she captioned the post, captioning a selfie and multiple images of a nearby beach and a now-deleted photo of a shiny jeep parked out front.

Ms. Higgins also included a photo of her new living room, which is adorned with designer furnishings, including a $500 white velvet mirror and a $330 decorative end table.

Her mother Kelly Higgins, who is a real estate agent, commented: “It’s exactly what you deserve my angel.”

‘A beautiful house in a beautiful location. Lots of great memories to share and create. Miss you already xx.”

Mr. Sharaz, who quit his job at Southern Cross Austereo in mid-February, posted his own photo of a beach near their new home with the caption, “No, I don’t miss the 9-5.”

Brittany Higgins and David Sharaz (pictured together) have moved from Brisbane to the Gold Coast

David Sharaz, who recently quit his job in Brisbane, posted a photo of a beach near their new home – with the caption ‘No I don’t miss the 9-5’

Ms Sharaz worked for Southern Cross Austereo for two years – first as a breakfast newsreader and then as part of the Queensland news operations – before suddenly leaving last month.

He later uploaded photos with colleagues at his farewell party. One of them tagged him in an Instagram post, with the caption, “Goodbye, my favorite gossip.”

While his LinkedIn profile still says he works at the company’s Brisbane office, his Twitter bio has been edited to say “GONE.”

After news of his sudden departure from the company broke, Ms Higgins urged her audience to ‘read between the lines’, adding: ‘Nobody leaves their job without a job to walk into.

Ms Higgins announced in February that she was moving out of her home in Brisbane to complete her law degree at Bond University on the Gold Coast.

In December, she reached a settlement with the Commonwealth for an undisclosed amount after attempting to sue the Commonwealth for sexual harassment, discrimination and negligence.

The months-long ACT Supreme Court trial against her alleged rapist Bruce Lehrmann collapsed last October.

She had alleged that Mr Lehrmann raped her in Parliament House in March 2019 after a night out. He had pleaded not guilty and has consistently denied the charges.

Brittany Higgins posted a photo of her new living room, featuring a $500 velvet mirror (pictured)

She also posted a photo of her fiancé David Sharaz standing by their new home on the Gold Coast

The trial was aborted due to misconduct by a juror.

In December, ACT Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold SC dropped the case altogether, citing concerns about Ms Higgins’ mental health.

Last month, she refuted claims that her payout was worth $3 million — insisting she received “much less” and threatening legal action if the figure was repeated.

Mr Lehrmann has filed a defamation suit against Channel 10, Lisa Wilkinson and in Federal Court for publishing stories about Ms Higgins’ allegations in February 2021.

He was not identified in the TV interview or online article, but he claims his family and former colleagues were able to identify him as the alleged rapist.

Mr. Lehrmann will be heard in court for the first time later in March.

Ms Higgins has announced on Twitter that she is willing to testify at the trial.

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