Bongino Strikes Back: Debunks Fake Media News About Restaurant Incident and Threatens to Sue! | wayne dupree

On Sunday, Politico reported that conservative radio host Dan Bongino had been ‘forcibly removed’ from a Florida restaurant, a story that perfectly illustrates why everything in the mainstream media should be taken with a grain of salt. the size of an elephant.

On Saturday night, leftists removed Bongino from a restaurant in Palm Beach, Fla., Politico reported in its June 25 “Playbook” report.

“SPOTTED,” Politico reported, “conservative media personality and former Fox News host Dan Bongino was forcibly removed from Cucina Palm Beach by several restaurant workers around midnight Friday.” Politico posted a photo of the former Fox New host leaving the establishment with several other men.

Politico reported: “Asked for comment, Bongino texted Daniel Lippman: ‘This is an absolutely FASCINATING take on what really happened. Politico approves of physical violence against women? My podcast on Monday will reveal the truth.

Politico concluded: “Bongino, who had previously ordered bottle service from Cucina, did not respond to a follow-up question asking how ‘physical violence against women’ related to his expulsion from a restaurant. Cucina declined to comment.

Later, other outlets described Bongino as an alcoholic who got into a restaurant fight.

Left-leaning media website Mediaite bragged: “Conservative brandon Dan Bongino was photographed over the weekend as he appeared to be kicked out of an Italian restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida.”

“Ex-Fox host Dan Bongino was caught being kicked out of the Palm Beach restaurant,” Raw Story reported. “Conservative star Dan Bongino appeared to be kicked out of an Italian restaurant in Palm Beach, Florida over the weekend,” OK Magazine reported.

The Daily Mail investigated the story and waited to publish until Bongino spoke publicly. Dan Bongino was not kicked out of the restaurant. Restaurant management kicked out Bongino’s wife, Paula, for “waiting in the wrong line”.

In fact, Lippman’s photo from Politico appears to show Dan standing off to the side, away from the person being pushed through the door. The photo does not show Bongino being ejected.

“Former Fox host Dan Bongino claimed his wife was dragged out of a glitzy Italian restaurant in Palm Beach on Friday night for waiting in the wrong queue for the toilet,” the Mail reported. .

“The pro-Trump podcast host, 48, says his wife Paula was ‘UFC-like’ pulled from Cucina Palm Beach by an employee after enjoying a party for his friend’s birthday,” indicates the log.

According to the Mail, Bongino said he paid for the bottle service mentioned by Politico for the friends table. He paid the bill before leaving. He then saw a commotion. He said a man “kissed the bear” and dragged a woman out of the restaurant.

The bracelet revealed that it was his wife.

On Monday, Bongino opened his podcast by criticizing the media for spreading “fake news” about the restaurant incident and recommending waiting 24 hours before commenting. Nobody fired me. Bongino informed his audience.

“So that’s the genesis of fake news,” Bongino said on Monday. He told the Politico reporter: “You can wait. I will tell the story on my show. Of course, he couldn’t wait,” Bongino said, adding that on Sunday morning the story was framed by the lie that he had been “forcibly removed” from the facility.

“Now that the story is unfolding, that I’ve been ‘forced out’ – keep that in mind, none of this is actually true. They’re still going through.” You’ll have to tune in to my podcast on Monday for the real story,” I texted him. But because they can’t wait and fake news has to post a clickbait story, they have to post the story early.

You see? Catch it? He asked. The story must be that I did something that got me expelled. However, they never explained why I was “forcibly expelled.”

“But because they want the story to be that the Tory guy was forcibly removed, that puts the [narrative], now they can all report on it,” he said. It grows like a Chia pet, doesn’t it?

Bongino noted that all of this fake news led with “seemingly” removed from the bar, based on Politico’s false characterization. So everyone accepts the lie without verifying it. Mediaite first said the restaurant was in Miami, but it’s in Palm Beach.

“People, that didn’t happen. He warned he could sue the media for the lies.

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