Bobby Bradford, 71, shoots and kills Chris Blue, 49, in Alliance

Officials have confirmed the identity of the individual who tragically died in the Alliance shooting incident on Thursday as Chris Blue, a 49-year-old Alliance resident.

The incident happened around 5:10 p.m. in the 100 block of N. Mechanic Ave.

After the shooting, law enforcement apprehended the suspect, 71-year-old Alliance resident Bobby Bradford, on the sidewalk near the scene.

Bobby Bradford, 71

According to Alliance Police, it is alleged that Bradford intentionally drove to the 100 block of N Mechanic Ave. with prior intention.

There he confronted the victim about a personal matter involving someone close to the suspect. During the confrontation, Bradford allegedly retrieved a .38 Special revolver from his trouser pocket and fired it four times at the victim.

The victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and succumbed to his wounds.

Law enforcement confiscated the firearm used by the suspect, which was found in his right front pocket, as evidence.

After being taken into custody, Bradford was first transported to Alliance City Jail for treatment. However, he was later transferred to Stark County Jail and formally charged with aggravated murder.

Chris Blue’s murder is currently under investigation and authorities are actively looking into the matter. The Alliance Police Department urges anyone who may have additional information about the incident to come forward and provide assistance in the pursuit of justice.

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