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Blue Box Chapter 97 Release Date

Blue Box Chapter 97 has been highly anticipated by readers, and its release is just around the corner. April 16, 2023 will see the release of the next volume of the famous manga series.

Blue Box Chapter 97 Release Date

In anticipation of what promises to be another blockbuster episode, fans are all over social media expressing their excitement.

Blue Box Chapter 97 Spoiler on Reddit!

Fans of the Blue Box manga series are eagerly waiting for the release of Chapter 97 to find out what’s next.

However, there are currently no spoilers available online, leaving viewers to speculate on how the story will progress. It’s understandable that fans want to know more about one of the most well-known manga series.

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Blue Box Chapter 96: Recap

Kano’s team from Eimei High School defeated Kirigasaki Academy, ending their match. Yumeka waits outside the stadium for Kano to leave, and she asks how she got there.

Kano claims that a first-year member of the guys’ badminton team gave him two tickets to the upcoming game. After Kano wins the first round, Yumeka apologizes for her nasty words.

Blue Box Chapter 97 Release Date

Kano regrets not being more direct and reveals to Yumeka that all she wanted was more time on the basketball court. Then Yumeka bursts into tears.

After confronting Kano about her tears, Yumeka bursts into tears. They stop laughing for a moment to say sorry to each other, but someone interrupts them.


Kano remembers what Taiki said about how love can make a person stronger and how it’s the best kind of assertiveness when Yumeka invites him to play basketball again someday. Kano mentally assures her father that she has regained her strength.

Where can I read Blue Box Chapter 97 for free?

Blue Box Chapter 97 will be available for viewing on Shonenjumpplus and Manga Plus at the times listed above in both Japanese and English. Amazon and Bookwalker sell physical copies of Blue Box.


Blue Box Chapter 97 is expected to release on April 16, 2023 and fans are eagerly waiting for the next chapter to know what will happen next. Blue Box Chapter 97 is available for free on Shonenjumpplus and Manga Plus in Japanese and English.

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