Blake Lively Drops A “Red Hot Mommy Version” Bikini Thirst Trap

Blake Lively has done it again, by getting her fans all hot and bothered as she sipped from Betty Buzz, her brand of mixers, for a literal thirst trap.

Wearing a red bikini and a matching red visor, it seems Lively is channeling her inner Serena van der Woodsen, and her fans are here for it all!

Blake Lively Is “Your Mom’s 90s Visor Edition”

Blake Lively rocks a red bikini in fresh thirst traps
Instagram | Blake Lively

Lively is carrying on with her Betty Buzz and Betty Booze line of mixers and drinks, and this time has dropped a series of thirst traps that is parching the throats of her fans even more. The pictures are sultry, with Lively nearly making love to the camera with her expression and body language, ably topped by the red bikini and stunning red lips.

The new set of pictures has been taken to promote her line of Betty Buzz mixers and there are three different posts – for Lemon Lime, Meyer Lime, and Grapefruit. While Lively retains the red bikini, (did we mention how stunning she looks after four kids?), she changed the visor for each shot, matching the color of the Betty Buzz flavor and label.

Fans were left gasping as they commented, “Mother is mothering”, “Smoke show”, “OMG” and even “Just take my money!”

Lively isn’t into alcohol so received a ton of flak when she started Betty Booze, which she explained, “Betty Booze comes from the lemonade recipe I made up 13 years ago for summer lemonade stands. Yeah. I still do lemonade stands. Yeah, it was in my 20s that I really got into it. The lemonade stand version is obviously alcohol-free. And it sells out FAST. I would often have adults in my life request a version of my lemonade but with alcohol. It happened so much that that’s where the idea for @bettybooze was born.”

Meanwhile, here’s Lively, killing it in red and yellow!

Blake Lively Is A Real “Crowd Pleaser”

Blake Lively is a red hot thirst trap
Instagram | Blake Lively

Nothing looks better on Blake Lively than red, especially if it’s a red bikini, paired with a red visor and red lips. Fans need Betty Buzz (or Betty Booze) all the more given that she’s basically lit them on fire with the new pictures, each making her look more stunning than the other.

Fans are absolutely smitten, enough to have forgotten their spellings as well, given one commented, “Jeebus!” Another was waiting for Ryan Reynolds to react while more were simply envious of him, “Goddamn. What a Hottie. Lucky Ryan.”

Lively was also upfront about her reasons for launching an alcohol brand even if she doesn’t drink herself, because she likes to be the hostess with the mostest. Wrote Lively, in an earlier post, “I am always being asked in my personal life to create something for everyone. I think most women can relate in all different aspects. But for this example, I already had my non-alcoholic drinks with @bettybuzz but my loved ones wanted more. So here it is. [Betty Booze] And I couldn’t be more proud or grateful seeing you all share how much you love it as well!!!! My ego thanks you.”

Fans, meanwhile, are just thanking her for the red-hot thirst trap!

She’s Into Flavour, So Are Her Fans

Blake Lively stuns fans with red hot bikini drop
Instagram | Blake Lively

When the trolls kept asking why she debuted an alcohol brand, even though she does not drink, Lively shot straight from the hip, using her social media to send a clear message. Wrote the “Age of Adaline” actress, “Drinking isn’t my thing. But for f* sake, the flavor is. Homemade recipes. Real fruit. Real ingredients. Quality booze. No crap. Also a real-time saver. Which is why I really did it.”

Plus, now she can give in-house competition to Ryan Reynolds, and his brand of Aviation Gin! Together, this power couple can take on the alcohol industry as well, if they want to…

Fans could not articulate more than one-word comments, like “Goddess” and even Gigi Hadid joined in with “Hotttyyy Mommmyyyy”.

Here’s more of that hot mama stuff!

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