“Betting Should Be Taxed To Discourage People”

Kennedy Agyapong, a hopeful for the NPP flagbearer position, has expressed his belief that betting should be taxed as a means to deter individuals from engaging in the activity.

In a recent statement, he emphasized the imposition of a 10% withholding tax on betting winnings, advocating that the tax should be even more stringent.

Agyapong asserted that betting isn’t conducive to future prospects and should be discouraged.

“They have been charitable to you. The imposition of 10% withholding tax on bet winnings is in order and it should have been more. Betting is not anything good for your future.”

He also highlighted the importance of redirecting the focus of young people away from such activities and towards more productive pursuits.

Agyapong also addressed the issue of unemployment, pledging that if given the opportunity to become President, he would create a substantial number of jobs in the country.

check out the statement below:

Tax Betting Kennedy Agyapong

Source: OccupyGh.com 

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