Motivational Speech for Students in Hindi | Motivational Video 2021 | #shorts


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Videos which will Inspire and Entertain you on Motivation, Positive Thinking, Career, Relationships, Self Help, Goals .
We make videos on Goal Setting, Confidence Building, Motivational Hindi Speeches, Positive Thinking, Personality Development and Perspectives on Social Issues and Life Problems.
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About the Creator of this Channel-
Mr. Souvick Das –
He is from Kolkata, West Bengal.
He is Currently Persuing his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Lucknow.
He makes videos on Motivation, Success Stories, Failure Stories, Finding Clarity in Life, He also shares his Perspectives on various Social Issues and Life Problems. He dedicatedly solves people’s problems through his Videos as much as he can.
He loves to Motivate People, specially Youth because he believes that Young People has enormous energy, determination and passion, and if they invest their energy in the right direction, they can do wonders.
He wants to Help people and he defines it as the purpose of his life and what truly brings him meaning.

Best Wishes,
Souvick Das

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Views and thoughts shared in the video is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments or feelings, Its my just my Perspectives. Viewers are advised to follow things which they find suitable.
Motivational Speech for Students in Hindi | Motivational Video 2021 | #shorts
#Motivational #Speech #Students #Hindi #Motivational #Video #shorts


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