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Have You Tried All The Available Options In Life?
Participation Is Important!

You Miss 100 % Shots That You Don’t Take | Participate Than Being A Mere Spectator | Reflections On The Quote By Wayne Gretzky | Simerjeet Singh | भाग लो या भाग लो | CC12 | Inspirational Video in Hindi for Success on Participation and Risk Taking

This success motivational video is about particpation and risk taking – two important aspects that can change the course of your destiny. Motivational Speaker Simerjeet Singh shares #QuotesThatInspire about a simple formula for success.

This never give up motivation video is about trying all your options, even though you know you are set to fail – because trying takes you one step closer to a new lesson learnt. This is a hindi inspirational video applicable to both students as well as professionals and inspires you to take risk in life. No one ever got success in the very first attempt and this is true for every successful person out there – their success was the result of each failure that taught them something valuable – each risk that they took helped them gain knowledge towards what ‘not to do’ to reach the goal. Each shot that they did not take is a 100% missed shot. It is very important to avoid assumptions and as a matter of fact, assuming that you will fail actually means that you have failed. Edison’s example is the best example.

This is such a simple formula for success – a sum total of all the learning from all the avenues that you have tried.

International motivational speaker, Simerjeet Singh brings out to you yet another amazing Hindi Inspirational Video on Success where he reflects his views on a beautiful quote of the Canadian Ice hockey player, Wayne Gretzky which goes like, “You Miss 100 % Shots That You Don’t Take”.
This means that playing a shot is always better than being a mere spectator.

The video is all about the participation, where Simerjeet explains that participation will not lead to any kind of loss; you always gain experience regardless of winning or losing.

Simerjeet inspires everyone to have the clarity of the thoughts about your needs, wants and desires from the life. He explains this with a beautiful quote on the having the knowledge of what you do not want.

Ask yourself if you have tried all the available options before quitting!

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Inspirational Video in Hindi for Success by Simerjeet Singh | Coach On Campus | Quotes That Inspire
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