Bhagawad Geeta Saar By Lord Krishna | Motivational Quotes Hindi


This channel is created to share Mahabharat Bhagawad Geeta Gyan with the help of Short Stories, Mahabharat Katha or mahabharat videos for today’s generation.

Geeta Gyan or Gita Updesh tell us very important motivational message using which someone will achieve Success, Peace, Respects, Change in Thoughts in his life.

Krishna Seekh or Krishna Gyan help people to overcome Failures and teaches us about Dharma and Karma.

Mahabharat war was blessed with Lord Shri Krishna thoughts, Geeta updesh helped Pandavas to win Mahabharat yudh and gave enlighten path of Arjuna about life i.e. Conversation between Arjuna and Lord Shri Krishna.

Every Human being in today’s world should read Bhagawad Geeta as it helps people to Succeed in Life and bring Change in Thoughts.

Lets Motivate ourself and Solve Problems by Geeta updesh of Lord Krishna. Jai Shri Krishna.


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Bhagawad Geeta Saar By Lord Krishna | Motivational Quotes Hindi
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