‘Belle Collective’ Star Tambra Cherie on Season 3 and Avoiding Negative Energy

As BelleCollective returns for a third season this week on OWN, series star Tambra Cherie says she’s ready to step into her light and step away from negative energy.

The television and radio personality, who is also a Dish Nation correspondent, will give viewers more insight into how she juggles her professional life, while adjusting to life with boyfriend Demond.

Tambra recently spoke with Urban Hollywood 411 on what fans can expect from her in Season 3. One thing she wants to highlight is the role that urban radio has played in her life.

“Radio is my first love. I fell in love with radio in middle school. During this time, I was also hosting local television. The program allowed me to interview artists and review concerts,” she shared.

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These first years of jostling allowed her to develop her brand and become the woman she is today. Although her main focus is on her career, the last two seasons of BelleCollective saw her grapple with health issues such as fibrosis and motherhood as a mature woman.

“The fact that I had fibroids was a big factor in my decision to freeze my embryos. I realize now that no matter how carefully you prepare, there is never a perfect time to start a family,” she explained. “It’s an exercise in balancing personal and professional obligations.

Her motto is “Every platform should have a purpose,” which has allowed her to raise awareness of an issue that many black women face.

As much as she has accomplished in her career, viewers were particularly interested in her relationship with Demond and how the other ladies handled it. This season, we see the couple living together.

“I’ve lived on my own for a while and sharing a space with someone else has been quite an adjustment. We have different views on how to handle everything from household chores and I adjust to have a dog,” she said.

BelleCollective premiered in 2020 and follows six successful black women entrepreneurs in Jackson, Mississippi. Other women featured on the show this season are Latrice Rogers, Lateshia Pearson, Marie Abston, Aikisha Holly-Colon, and Sophia O. Williams.

Tambra hopes her co-stars will come to terms with her relationship with Demond.

“I don’t think some people respect my boundaries when it comes to my relationship. You will see it this season. I just think it’s much more important to protect my peace than to engage them,” she noted, adding, “I have the right to walk away if I don’t like your energy even though you are in the middle
sentence. You’ll see it this season on the show.

Despite the challenges she may face with other women, she wants viewers to know that they will see her have positive times.

“I’m in a season where I’m super grateful,” she said.

BelleCollective comes from Kingdom Reign Entertainment and executive producer Carlos King. You can catch more of Tambra Cherie and the other women when the new season premieres May 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on OWN.

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