Banks set to start using armored vans from July 1 – ABOG Chairman

Association of Bullion Operators Ghana (ABOG) President Alhaji Iddi Sumaila said Ghanaian banks are expected to start using armored vans for money transfer from July 1.

He reveals, however, that some banks have not yet finalized the agreement with ABOG to this effect.

By July 1, we will see banks using armored vehicles/vans. However, other banks have not finalized the deal with us,” he told Johnnie Hughes during the Sunrise show on 3FM on Friday June 23 regarding the robbery attack on a bullion van. at Ablekuma in Accra on Thursday June 22, killing a police officer in the process.

He further revealed that “we have around 150 bullion vans in the country. Most banks have signed contracts with us for their deployment. It goes through a process for the banks to get it and it takes time.

It is recalled that in 2021 the central bank issued a directive for all financial institutions to procure the failure of sophisticated protection vans to which the Bank of Ghana said it would not admit any cash vehicle in low-grade or soft-skinned transit (CIT) in any of it’s premises nationwide.

This deadline was, however, extended to July 1, 2023 just after the James Town bombing of a Bullion Van in which a policeman was killed and another bystander was hit by a stray bullet.

The series of armed robberies against officers accompanying substandard vehicles for money transfers has led the Inspector General of Police to threaten not to escort vehicles without the necessary protection for police officers .

Regarding the attacks in Ablekuma, the police issued a stern warning to the thieves behind the killing of the officer.

In front of a bullion van on security duty, the officer was shot several times at close range.

The sad incident follows an attempted robbery at the Star Oil filling station in Ablekuma Fan Milk, a suburb of Accra.

Four in number, the robbers reportedly followed the bullion van, which went to refuel at the gas station, where the shooting took place.

“Police are on a manhunt to arrest a gang of four robbers who attacked a bullion van in Ablekuma Fanmilk, a suburb of Accra and shot the police escort who sadly passed away,” a statement said. police statement.

“Our prayers and thoughts go out to the family of our deceased colleague in particular and to all the personnel of the Police Service in general.

“We want to assure the public that we will surely have the thieves arrested and brought to justice.”


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