Avram Moshe Sent A Strong Message To Dag

Avram Moshe, the divisive founder and head of the Common Sense family, has made various claims against Dag-Heward Mills, the founder and head of Light House Chapel.

In a recent interview with Kingdom FM, Avram Moshe revealed that Dag Heward Mills’ advice to his followers indicates that he intends to take a second wife.

Avram went on to say that it’s probable that Dag is advocating polygamy because he has secretly impregnated a church member and is trying to wed her.

Ghanaian minister of God Dag Heward-Mills of Lighthouse Chapel exposed the false doctrines in the Bible a few days ago in a sermon that has now gone viral.

The bishop vehemently defended polygamy as he was talking about it.

He asserts that God does not indicate condemnation of a man having more than one wife anywhere in the Bible. He mentioned the Old Testament patriarchs, who frequently had two or more wives.

He said that the Bible makes it clear that women are not permitted to wield any kind of power over men, including preaching over them.

The Dag Heward-Mills sermon, which espouses the highly contentious biblical ideas, has gained widespread attention.

Source: OccupyGh.com 

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