Avengers Theory Uncovers The MCU Secret Of Ultron’s James Spader Voice

Working up the theory, u/schulzinho7 was quick to admit it may not entirely track timing-wise, as Ultron is fronting James Spader’s voice pretty much the moment they “wake up” to consciousness. That’s a problem largely because it means Ultron likely would’ve borrowed the voice before they’d had time to scour the web and discover MCU Spader’s body of work. Timeline issues aside, fans of Marvel and Spader were still having fun spinning the theory, with u/RTR7105 pointing out Tony Stark’s Iron Legion apparently uses an electronically manipulated mix of Spader’s Ultron voice and that of Paul Bettany’s Jarvis in “Iron Man 3.”

That nugget prompted u/Silver_Punk to question whether or not Stark has paid MCU Spader to voice his AI. u/spideybiggestfan chimed in to ask if Stark hasn’t just taken the same route in giving Ultron a voice as other AI compositors do, writing, “Tony scraped it off the internet like how most people train their AIs.” 

Further down the line, u/Otzil hilariously pointed out that an online outlet indeed conjured a mashup video of Ultron espousing pearls of wisdom from James Spader’s infamous “The Office” character, posting, “RedLetterMedia have a video where they redub Ultron scenes with Robert California dialogue,” which obviously opens a whole other Pandora’s box of meta madness.

As it happens, there was at least one voice of dissent regarding the Spader theory, with u/SkippyMcHugsLots hilariously commenting, “Unfortunately Ultron got it wrong, the correct voice to steal is Sam Jackson.” Now that this particular theory is out there, we can’t help but wonder if it isn’t right.

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