Ava Max Addresses Being Slapped On Stage During Los Angeles Performance

AvaMax finds himself at the center of a disturbing incident at a recent performance in Los Angeles after Bebe Rexha suffers a similar experience.

In an unfortunate turn of events, a video capturing the moment the international superstar was slapped on stage has taken social media by storm. As the shocking images quickly spread across online platforms, the singer is tackling the event head-on with strength and determination.

Ava Max reacts to a shocking incident on stage

Ava Max Addresses Being Slapped On Stage During Los Angeles Performance
Instagram | AvaMax

In a clip taken by a fan, the chart-topping sensation encountered a painful moment while captivating audiences with her haunting vocals. As she moved to the beat of the music, an unidentified man unexpectedly approached her, apparently slapping Max on the cheek before being quickly escorted off stage by security personnel.

Undeterred by the incident, the 29-year-old briefly acknowledged the impact before resuming her dance routine. The fan page responsible for uploading the video wrote in a legend:

“Someone jumped onstage at the end of tonight’s show in LA. This is a reminder that this behavior is unacceptable. Sending all our love to Ava and her team.

Taking to Twitter later, the resilient entertainer bravely addressed the incident, shedding light on her thoughts and feelings regarding the shocking encounter. In a tweet from her account, the “Kings & Queens” singer declared:

“He slapped me so hard he scratched the inside of my eye. He’ll never be back at a show again 😡😡thanks fans for being spectacular tonight in LA!!❤️.

Right after, an outpouring of support erupted from her devoted fanbase. “I’m sorry to hear that, Ava. People need to learn boundaries,” one response readwhile another added“You deserve so much better❤️ We love you.” Devoted fan Cory Larrabee described the bizarre occurrence in a caption on a photo with Max after the show. He writing:

“I was there tonight. The guy rushed on stage at the end, right at the end of the last song. The security guard tackled him and literally THROWED him down the stairs. Savage!!! It happened so fast. You can see here that she couldn’t even open her eyes, but she ALWAYS did M&G. ILYSM 🥹🙏🏼.”

A loyalist rented the incredible performance of the “Heaven & Hell” singer and regretted that the evening ended on a sour note, affirming her status as a “true pop star”.

Another netizen recounted the chaotic moment, indicating“omfg i had no idea he got you it all happened so fast 😭 he literally pushed me away from the barricade it was so wild i’m so sorry it happened 💔. “

Meanwhile, this person expressed distress over the growing trend of violence at concerts, SEO another recent incident involving fellow singer Bebe Rexha.

Bebe Rexha has a phone thrown by a spectator during a show in New York

Bebe Rexha Shows Shiner After Getting Smashed In The Eyes
Instagram | BebeRexha

Last week, the Grammy-nominated singer’s touring excitement came to an abrupt halt during her 13th concert at The Rooftop at Pier 17 in New York City. As reported by The Blasta bystander in the crowd threw a phone in his face, resulting in an injury that required immediate medical attention.

The “I Got You” singer appeared stunned as she turned away from the crowd and fell to her knees in pain as crew members quickly came to her aid, interrupting the show.

Clutching his face, medical staff escorted the award-winning star off stage as the shocked crowd chanted his name in a show of support. Afterwards, Rexha reassured her fans by saying, “I’m fine.” She shared two photos on Instagram, displaying a deep cut above her eye and a black eye from the assault.

Many celebrities were deeply shaken by the attack on the helpless singer, rallying to her post with messages of support and love. Demi Lovato apologized, writing, “I love you girly.. I’m so sorry this happened to you 😣”

Leona Lewis responded with a simple “Sending love ❤️”, while Lauren Jauregui reacted in disbelief, underscoring the seriousness of the situation. Meanwhile, Hayley Kiyoko vehemently noted, “Literally, no one should be throwing shit that makes me so upset. We love you @beberexha happy you’re going ‘ok’ 🥺”

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