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The reality is that Peggy is involved in far too many plot threads through both her own fault and the fault of others. She wants to get a big salary as a private detective, which she will get at Guru Bob if she can get him to confess that his paintings are fake. One of the problems with this is that there’s a man and his adult daughter already out to get Bob, and the girl loves stabbing things with a knife.

Then there are the people at the massage parlor offering a $70,000 reward to find their sister, who happens to be married to Guru Bob. Guru Bob claims his wife is missing, but Peggy is unconvinced. After all, she loved her pet parrot, and she didn’t take him with her. It’s a big red flag in Peggy’s book. And just to make things more confusing, Peggy lies when she goes to the massage parlour, which makes things even more complicated.

These are the most important plot threads, but there are others. Considering how the show comes and goes, the show actually manages to make this as manageable as possible. The problem is that it’s easy to get lost in all this madness. While the plot starts a little busy, we still manage to stay on top, but after a number of plot threads unfolded, the whole thing becomes too much.

Whether you’re baffled by Peggy’s lies to the guys at the massage parlor or confused by the motives of the man and his daughter who suddenly come after Peggy instead of Guru Bob, the plot does a lot to throw you into a loop. , and sooner or later one of these threads is bound to lose you. Ultimately, the show is just too busy and doesn’t always make the most sense, and ultimately it doesn’t quite nail its fantastic story.

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