Aspiring ‘The Last OG’ actor Tristian Loran shot and killed in New York

Aspiring actor Tristian Loran was found dead in a New York City public housing complex over the weekend.

Loran, 19, previously had a small role in Tracy Morgan’s TBS comedy series The last OGaccording to his IMDB page, which lists his name as Tristian Jacob Loran.

THE New York Daily Newswhich was the first news outlet to report on Loran’s death, said the teenager was found unconscious in a vacant unit in the Bronx’s Castle Hill Houses, owned by the New York Housing Authority (NYCHA), on Saturday 20 may.

He was pronounced dead at the scene after paramedics responded to the building at Havemeyer Ave. near Randall Ave. CBS New York reported that Loran suffered head trauma.

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The NYPD is investigating the case. So far, no arrests have been made.

Loran’s sister, Victoria Sierra Loran, told the Daily News his brother was also a dancer and was working on launching a rap career.

“He had quite a future for him,” Victoria said. “We were supposed to get out of the neighborhood together.”

But Loran began to change during the COVID-19 pandemic, her sister said.

“I think he grew up dancing, he wanted to get away with basketball or rapping,” his sister explained. “He just wanted to get rich one day, get his family out of the neighborhood.”

Loran lived with his family about six blocks from the Castle Hill houses.

His mother, Selena Sierra, said he fell into the wrong crowd.

“You can’t change the environment, the kids they go to school with. I wanted it busy and off the streets,” Sierra said.

“When you don’t have basketball courts – and the few here are always full – what are you going to do?” she added. “They have us in quicksand and we are holding out an olive branch, wanting our children to do other things. We want our kids to have activities, but they’re sinking deeper… All these kids are going into stupid rapping. Offer them something.

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