Asantewaa Was Trolled While Dancing In Torn Pants

Asantewaa has received a lot of trolling on social media after she was photographed dancing while wearing a damaged pair of pants.

The TikTok star was wearing blue pants and a top while dancing joyfully, however, the back of her blue pants had a white stain.

Although the specific reason for the tear in her trousers is unclear, netizens claim that the spot was caused by it.

After being released, the video quickly gained popularity on social media thanks to a voiceover informing Asantewa that her buttocks were torn.

Asantewaa received a barrage of humorous responses as a result.

Some individuals defended her, saying that it was just a white zip that had been attached to her buttocks rather than a shredded pair of pants.

However, a zip on the buttocks seems rather outrageous; who does that?

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