Asantehene has done nothing but dress in gold for 24 years

Bongo Ideas’ anger as it is knows no power other than the things that come to mind, and as we know, it’s not afraid to speak its mind.

Perhaps that’s why he’s amassed a number of subscribers – and whether those subscribers like him or not, agree with his shared thoughts or not, they’re not shy about commenting on his thoughts on Twitter.


On his last ‘cook’, Bongo Ideas knocked on the doors of the Asante Kingdom and Asantehene.

According to Bongo, Asantehene’s leadership was 24 years from nothing.

“24 years of dressing in gold
24 years of hoarding mineral resources
24 years of galamsey
24 years of political bias
24 years of corruption
24 years of Kumasi looking like a mini-village
24 years of massive underdevelopment
24 years of zero impact
24 years of nothing
Wei? Kill! ,” Bongo noted in a now-viral tweet he shared a short time ago.

He then shared a collage image of Asantehene, Kumasi,

Saudi king, and a beautiful developed Saudi land.


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