As A Viral Video Of A Bus Driver Using His Feet To Drive Spreads Around Ghana, Social Media Users Urge The Police To Detain The Offender (Video)

Outrage online has been generated by a bus driver who chose to use his feet to operate his large vehicle on Ghana’s hazardous roads.

A video posted to social media shows the driver navigating the road at high speed beside other cars while keeping his feet on the steering wheel.

He was shown on camera enjoying his “antics,” and his sitting next to him appeared to be equally as glad that his life was being risked so recklessly.

Angry Ghanaians demanded the driver’s arrest after the footage was posted online and quickly went viral for needlessly putting other people’s lives in danger.

“It is quite serious how much people fool for this nation. Although what he’s doing is unacceptable, it was captured and posted on social media. After the video was posted to Twitter, one irate netizen said, “He’ll be detained soon for interrogation.

“The sad truth is that even if you drive carefully, a fatal accident will still occur because the moron will slam into you. @GhPoliceService Please track down and detain this man, another user on the internet pleaded.

View the video here.


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