Anna Moiseeva – Bio, Net Worth, Age, Career, Height, Facts

Anna Moiseeva is a contestant of beauty contests, a model, a producer, a philanthropist and a winner of the beauty contest “Missis Samara – 2019”, and a finalist for both “Missis Russia World – 2019” and “Missis Universe – 2020”. Anna is engaged in charity, and she believes that her main goal is to help those in need, and she is happy to share positive emotions with them. She is a living, breathing example, showing the world that happiness lies within.

Anna Moiseeva is famous for

  • A winner of the “Missis Samara – 2019” beauty contest
  • Finalist of the beauty contest “Missis Russia World – 2019”
  • Finalist of the beauty contest “Missis Universe – 2020”
  • Winner of the “Woman of the Year 2019” award

Where is Anna Moiseeva from?

Anna was born on May 19, 1987 in a Russian town named Kuibyshev which changed its name to Samara three and a half years later. Anna’s ancestors were nobles. She had her secondary education at Gymnasium No. 11 which joined the UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet) in 1997.

Anna Moiseeva International Career

Anna is very involved in the fashion industry. In her active life there is always a place for participation in international fashion shows and various beauty contests.

In 2019, she won the title of “Missis Samara” and reached the final of “Missis Russia World 2019”. In the same year, Anna became the winner of the Person of the Year award in the Woman of the Year nomination, awarded in Moscow. She is also included in the list of “100 most successful people in Russia”.

In 2020, the producer, brand development expert and socialite became a finalist in the Missis Universe 2020 contest, entered the ranking of the top 100 people of Russia, becoming the best in the Business Expert of the Year section. She was included in the list of “100 most successful people and businesses in Russia” in the category “Person of the Year”.

In addition to her social work and her achievements in the fashion industry, Anna also cares about her personal development. She is passionate about sports and painting. Art occupies a prominent place in his life. His works of art win first place in various competitions. Here’s what she says about her own involvement in the art industry:

“I am a fan of contemporary art. My friends, talented and creative artists, taught me to see something more in painting and to embrace it as an opportunity to give people vivid impressions of our surroundings. It’s important to do it with an open heart.

Charity work of Anna Moiseeva

Charity is one of the most important things in Anna’s life. For many years, Anna Moiseeva, together with her like-minded colleagues, has been developing voluntary and charitable movements, launching various projects for disabled children deprived of parental care and hearing-impaired children, and involving cultural and sports personalities in these initiatives. . . Anna and her team organize all kinds of events for children and help them during their studies, coming to the rescue when needed and actively helping in commercial charity projects.

For her social projects, Anna was named Woman of the Year 2021 in the category “Public Figure” by the Russian Women’s Union. “Participation in such events inspires me and gives me new ideas” – says Anna.

Who is Anna Moiseeva’s husband?

Ann is married. Her husband works in the cinema. According to Anna, the family is one of the key elements of happiness. She is surrounded by people with common values ​​and foundations of life and they always support her in all her endeavours. Although she is very busy with her projects, she will always have time for her friends and family.

Anna Moiseeva Interesting Facts

  • Like-minded people and her family sharing her goals and supporting her in everything, as well as her constant desire to learn new things, taking into account the experience she has gained over the years, help Anna Moiseeva achieve high results and consistently enter the top 100 ratings.
  • The celebrity’s interest in art is not limited to visual arts and fashion – she also loves literature. She is an example of a versatile personality for anyone who wants to change themselves and the world around them.
  • Anna, as an extremely busy person, believes that stepping out of your comfort zone and living life to the fullest requires striving to unleash your inner potential, working on new ideas and setting interesting goals and objectives. to.
  • The ancient practice of qigong, which is a combination of breathing and movement exercises, and outdoor activities, helps Anna monitor her health. Anna considers herself a supporter of a quality approach to sports, rational exercise and proper nutrition, and has been fond of diving and yachting since childhood.
  • To unload and relax after a fruitful working week, Anna advises visiting picturesque places that provide many pleasant experiences.

What is Anna Moiseeva doing now?

Anna Moiseeva continues to grow in various fields – modeling, social and charitable work. In 2021, she entered the Top 100 Successful People and Companies in Russia, but this time as a nominee in the Model of the Year category.

Anna is the face of various international magazines and is often invited to appear on the covers of fashion magazines, such as VOGUE and Cosmopolitan. She is an honorable VIP guest at various social events and continues to grow in various fields – modeling, social and charity work. The producer, brand development expert and socialite still remains a winner of prestigious awards in the beauty and business sectors and invites designers to participate in fashion shows and fashion weeks.

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