Anna Elicia Perez and Mila Zuloaga loaded with battery

Anna Elicia Perez and Mila Zuloaga (Miami-Dade Police Department)

A 34-year-old South Florida police officer found herself behind bars last week after she and a 35-year-old pregnant woman learned they were both unwittingly involved in a love triangle with the same man , whom they attacked in a crowded restaurant. , authorities said.

Miami-Dade Police Officer Anna Elicia Perez and Mila Zuloaga were arrested on Friday and each charged with one count of battery for the alleged attack, according to court records reviewed by Law&Crime show.

According to a report by Miami NBC affiliate WTVJ, Officer Perez was in a romantic relationship – which she believed to be monogamous – with a man whose identity has not been released. Zuloaga, who is believed to be seven months pregnant with the man’s child, also believed she had a monogamous relationship with him and lived with him.

While it’s unclear how the women learned of each other’s relationship with the victim, the couple allegedly confronted him about the love triangle at Miller’s Ale House, a sports bar in the 13000 block of South Dixie Highway to Palmetto Bay which is about 15 miles away. south of Miami.

Perez and Zuloaga allegedly accosted the victim, and the trio got into a “verbal argument” that quickly escalated into a “physical confrontation,” according to a copy of the police report obtained by CBS News. During the alleged attack, Officer Perez and Zuloaga “intentionally punched the victim in the face and upper body with their hands multiple times,” police reportedly wrote.

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