Ammon Bundy Arrested On Outstanding Warrant

Some good news to make you smile. Gun nut and anti-government loon, Ammon Bundy, was finally arrested on the open warrant related to the harassment and defamation charges stemming from his legal battle with St. Luke’s Health Systems. Oh, and he lost that case and was ordered to pay $26 MILLION DOLLARS to the hospital, the CEO and 2 staff members.

But just because the case ended, it does not mean that the warrant just magically goes away. Hence the arrest. KTVB reports that Bundy was arrested at an Emmett High School football fundraiser. He was booked into Gem County Jail on a contempt charge out of Ada County. He can post 10k bond, which I am sure his supporters will be happy to front on his behalf. If he does not bond out this weekend, he will have to wait until he can get in front of a judge on Monday, which is standard in most court systems in the United States.

KTVB reports that following his arrest, “supporters of Bundy showed up at the Gem County Jail.” Some “were holding signs and yelling, but that it had remained peaceful.”

The warrant dates back to a battle between Bundy and the hospital and when he and a group of their fellow activists “organized days of protests at the hospital.” They claimed, falsely, that a friends infant grandson was “medically kidnapped” by the hospital and CPS.

A Meridian Police Department statement provided more contact, stating that the child had been admitted to the hospital and medical staff “determined the child was suffering from severe malnourishment.” Prior to the admission, Health and Welfare contacted the child’s father, who “agreed to bring the child in for an examination, but then failed to show up.” Officers tried to locate the parents to set up a welfare check, but the parents were “uncooperative and refused to let officers check on the child’s welfare.” It was at that time that a warrant was issued, but the parents fled with the child. They were located during a traffic stop close by and the child was taken to St. Lukes.

Ammon Bundy and his supporters then showed up at the hospital and refused to leave when directed to do so. Bundy, and others, were charged with trespassing. This also led to a lawsuit by the Hospital and staff against Bundy. Bundy “refused to participate in legal proceedings but began to harass witnesses in the lawsuit.” This led to the hospital filing a motion for contempt.

At the end, Bundy and his co-defendant lost the case and were ordered to pay $52 million dollars, so $26 million each.

Enjoy jail, Ammon!

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