Amina Buddafly and her daughter, Bronx, recently shared their hair growth journey after shaving last year.

In an Instagram post, Amina shared a before and after video, captioned “The journey… #hairgrowth #naturalhair #mommyanddaughter.” The video highlighted the progress they have made in regrowing their hair over the course of a year.

Last year, Amina documented the moment she shaved her head in a TikTok video. The clip showed her holding a razor in her hands, along with the sound bite, “I’m not gonna do it girl.” At the end of the video, she proudly revealed her new look and captioned it with “#ididit,” signifying her accomplishment.

The former Love and Hip Hop (LHH) star then opened up about her decision to cut her and her daughter’s hair, expressing her desire for a healthy mane and the intention to embrace her natural curls. She explained that she felt there was something lifeless and damaged in her hair, which prompted her to make the bold choice to start from scratch.

“The real reason I cut it all off is because (sic) I want healthy hair and I want to grow out my natural curls,” Amina told her followers. “I felt like I had something dead on my hair, so I just wanted to get rid of it,” she added.

Amina shares two daughters, Bronx and Cori, with ex-husband Peter Gunz.

“Between me and my two sisters, I was the last to have children,” Amina wrote in a recent Instagram post. “I used to think, ‘I’m way too on my own [and] my career. I’m not one to have children. Oh, was I wrong,” Buddafly told his fans on social media.

Adding: “As soon as I had kids I started to become a happier human being. Parenting is LIFE. And you don’t know it until you’re one. I’m so grateful! Yes, they make my life harder and more complicated, but it’s so much better!”

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