Amazon Prime Video New: June 2023

With its slate of new releases for June 2023, Prime is bringing a handful of Amazon Originals and plenty of recent movie hits to the fold.

It’s actually been a pretty busy month for non-US programming in the Amazon Originals department. Shows and movies like Deadloch, My faultAnd Medellin all are from outside the US and UK. For the US and UK crowd, however, the streamer is debuting two large tent poles.

The first is i am a virgin June 23. The TV sequel to acclaimed director Boots Riley sorry to disturb you will tell the surreal and satirical story of an Oakland giant. This will be followed by the more conventional (supposedly) fourth season of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan June 30.

The real fireworks this month come from a ridiculously deep bank of TV titles and library movies. Take a look at them below, but if we had to highlight a few, we’d go with the Back to the future trilogy on Freevee (June 1), Tar (June 6), Interstellar (June 11) and M3GAN (June 27).


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