Alleged Leaked Lil Meech Sex Tapes Break Social Media

Gotta be more careful

STARZ series "BMF" world premiere

Credit: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Social media is in fire on the industry’s notorious vixen Celina Powell leaked his alleged sex tape with BMF star Lil Meech in the midst of his fledgling baeship with summer walker.

In the leaked OnlyFans music video, a person believed to be Meech can be seen giving Powell the business on a balcony after she posted herself wearing her old BMF channel on Instagram.

It didn’t take long for Twitter’s FBI unit to swoop in and connect Meech’s shirt in the video to the shirt he’s wearing in a separate leaked photo where he appears to be pleasured by Powell in a cubicle public restrooms โ€“ no, seriously.

Known for her potentially career-ruining shenanigans, Powell shamelessly promoted the old video on her social media accounts, but failed to get any response from Meech.

The now-viral video surfaced online a few months later BMF fans buzzed Lil Meech (aka DeMEATrius Flenory Jr?) showing off his Black Mafia beef stick in a now-viral scene from the Freaknik episode of the hit Starz series.

In the scene, Meech crushes a skripper in a private bedroom before holding what appears to be his massive manhood (or a prosthetic penis?) in the spicy scene.

Understandably, some Twitter users weren’t convinced it was actually Meech’s big meech in the scene.

Either way, Meech tends for hours on end in this season’s hottest moment that set the tone for his, uh, current situation which comes just days after she seemingly made social media official with Summer.

Interestingly, Summer didn’t seem too phased by her maybe-boo’s alleged sex tape based on an Instagram post where she trolls Meech about the messy ordeal.

What was your reaction to Meech’s alleged sex tape? Tell us down below and take a look at the Twitter hysteria over Meech’s alleged sex tape on the flip.

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