Ahsoka Continues To Prove A Hilarious Truth About Inquisitors

The spinning lightsabers of the Imperial Inquisitors have been a joke among certain “Star Wars” fans for years, mostly because of how silly it looks when the “Rebels” Inquisitors use them to fly like helicopters. Maybe they were designed simply to sell new toys, but their repeated failures suggest another explanation.

In “Tales of the Jedi,” the larger ring hilt of the Inquisitor’s lightsaber makes it easy for Ahsoka to grab and use against him. In “Ahsoka,” she uses a precise strike to slice through Marrok’s spinning blades as he advances upon her. Both cases demonstrate clear weaknesses in the weapon, and yet the Inquisitorius used them for decades. It’s possible that the more vulnerable design of the lightsaber was allowed in exchange for easier offensive power. For a true master, a blade that spins itself is completely unnecessary, but the Inquisitors were never fully trained in the ways of the Sith.

Giving their weapons a turbo button could have been a way to augment their combat abilities without having to invest in more extensive training. The Sith “Rule of Two” prohibited any of the Inquisitors from growing too powerful or important, so it would make sense to have them rely on a saber with training wheels, so to speak. Whatever the real explanation, it’s hilarious to see just how pitiful the lightsabers are against someone like Ahsoka. She’s defeated so many Inquisitors now that it’s becoming a running joke.

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