After Releasing A New Video, S3fa’s Abnormally Deformed Nyansh Received A Lot Of Teasing

After releasing a new video, Black Avenue Muzik (BAM) signee S3fa received criticism for her severely distorted, unnatural-looking nyansh.

S3fa is promoting the tune “Vibration,” which she just had a listening session for. Serwaa Amihere and Nana Aba Anamoah were among the visitors who attended to offer their support.

S3fa released a dance video displaying her BBL physique and other professional dancers grooving to “Vibration” as part of the song’s continuous marketing.

One fan pointed out that every single person in the dance video looks like a normal person except for S3fa, the girl in the BBL, writing: “They all look natural except the girl on BBL.” Other netizens had words of praise for S3fa’s body, writing: “Na me body i Dey watch ohh.”

View S3fa’s body below and make your own determination as to whether it is admirable and pleasant or abnormal and malformed!


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