Actor Sylvester Madu caught selling second-hand clothes at popular market

Sylvester Madu, a veteran Nigerian actor, known as Shina Rambo, has been spotted in a viral video selling second-hand clothes at Enugu market in Nigeria.

A video available on that captures the whole moment has since surfaced online as netizens are going crazy over it.

The video shows him in work clothes as he appeared to put away his goods.

The TikTok user captioned the video, “I saw our favorite actor today Shina Rambo selling to Enugu ngwo.”

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As expected, netizens reacted:


“It’s so wrong why can’t people mind their own business…..every little thing you’ll pick up your phone and start recording people to show the world you did it first It’s really sad to wake up one day and see yourself all over social media.


“So what? He shouldn’t be scrambling for food again. You people are very annoying.


“And if he sold? You prefer anyone who lives fake lives and flaunts luxuries on behalf of actors. As long as he doesn’t fly, I support whatever he chooses.


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