About Us

About Us

stories.p-page.com is a leading news site with a special focus on The World. Other than these states, stories.p-page.com is available also on many independent networks in the states of  The World. We air 50 live bulletins every day, seven days a week. With the spotlight on the interests of the grassroots, especially the proletariat, we present live Programs, Debates, and Reporting, covering the entire range of topics.

  • Prime Time Bulletins with an extensive focus on  The World, also keep an eye on all the major happenings in the country and around the world.
  • During the bulletins, the news anchor enters into an in-depth analysis with experts from the field, connecting live with the common people.
  • We also run eight server-based channels besides stories.p-page.com  The World.

we maintain a good ranking* amongst the top news channels of the Region. That says a lot about our Authenticity, Commitment, Focus, and Reach.


  • In-depth coverage of Politics, Culture, Religion, Sports, Health, Entertainment, Agriculture, Technology, etc.
  • Promoting and showcasing new talent in the fields of Sports, Entertainment, Art & Culture, etc.
  • Transforming viewers’ perception of electronic media’s news coverage from negative to positive.
  • Creating awareness of society’s collective responsibility on issues related to daily life.
  • Supporting Social Awareness Campaigns connected with Environment, Education, Healthcare, etc. by running them onscreen from time to time.
  • Conscientious about our CSR, we believe in supporting the NGOs working for the deprived, sick, and downtrodden.

Regular Programs

  • MAIN BULLETINS: Hourly, every hour covering all the latest major news from all walks of life.
  • NEWS SHOTS: With a synoptic approach to the news in the making, NEWS SHOTS presents a quick overview.
  •  The World: Special bulletin of Daily News/In-depth analysis of the major news from Rural North.
  • BREAK TIME: An interactive 30-minute multi-segment program connecting viewers live to share their opinion through Skype/phone on a variety of subjects.
  • VSPL STUDIO: A platform for established and budding stars to share experiences of their professional and personal life.

Election Programs

  • X-RAY: A daily program of penetrative, insightful analysis of an assembly constituency of a state under Election mode, produced with the support of the senior reporters in the field and presented by the main anchors.
  • ELECTION ROADWAYS: Our reporter randomly boards a state transport bus and interacts with the passengers un-cut, taking their views on elections, leadership, prime issues, etc. This daily program is presented on-screen during prime time.
  •  The World: Political leaders/representatives of all parties are invited to present their views on the developmental work carried out or planned for their constituencies. Wide coverage, in-depth analysis, and unbiased opinion are the key points of this election-related daily program.
  • View & Options: The local reporter schedules a live on-screen debate with the political representatives, intellectuals, and common people from a constituency. The anchor connects them to the local issues in the context of forthcoming elections.

Promotion Through Regional Channels

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5. Jobs6. Politics7. FastMix8. Sports Squad

Local Rich Content: Extremely popular channels for culture, sports & other happenings.

Extensive Reach: Over 1 million site viewers collectively.

Additional Support: No other News Channel from anywhere can match this value addition.

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