A teacher shows students a pro-Confederation propaganda video

In Florida, it is illegal to teach children Critical Race Theory (CRT) because it could hurt the tuition of some racists. But it is apparently acceptable to teach Critical White Supremacy Theory (CWST).

A Florida teacher at Manatee Middle School took it upon himself to create a pro-Confederation propaganda video and show it to the entire school without permission from the school or parents.

In the video, he praises the men and women who fought on behalf of the Confederacy and calls them heroes. At one point, he even tries to rename the Civil War. Fortunately, in Florida, there are still parents who actually care about what their children are taught and they provoke a backlash against the teacher and the school:

At one point in the video, the teacher suggests a different name for Civil War.

“[The] Civil War, but perhaps more correctly titled the War to Prevent Southern Independence,” he said.

“No. It’s Civil War,” Casey Smith replied. “It’s always been called Civil War.”

The parents tell NBC2 they have no problem talking about slavery, the Civil War or our country’s darkest days.

“Some things actually seem very accurate,” Smith said.

The problem they have is with what the teacher made up and put in the video and in front of their child’s faces.

“They talked about celebrating confederation in the state of Florida,” Smith said.

Incredibly – well, actually, it’s quite believable for Florida – the teacher is still working. School officials say the incident is “under investigation”. What’s not clear is that if even the local TV station has a copy of the video, how much longer do they have to investigate. It seems more likely that they just wait for everything to explode and do nothing.

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