A Popular Video Shows A Woman In Ghana ‘Hitting’ A Worker From The Country’s Water Utility For Cutting Off Her Water

A woman whose water connection he had shut off due to unpaid payments assaulted a member of the Ghana Water Company Limited in Koforidua.

Online videos have been spreading of the irate woman dragging the official around while gripping his long sleeve shirt around his neck and demanding that he give her the water supply back.

In the footage, the hapless official is seen attempting in vain to break free from the woman’s tight hold while pledging not to reconnect her to the water supply system.

The woman just would not go, vowing instead to never release go of the official until he restored her water supply, despite attempts by some onlookers to intercede and implore her to do so.

While some Ghanaians have condemned the woman’s behavior and called for her arrest and imprisonment, others have claimed that the GWC staff deserves justice because they are infamous for mistreating customers.

Below, you can read some of the Instagram comments:

sarpomaa_kumankoma_sakyi: Drill a borehole or well in your houses and all this drama will be needless!
campari_gh: Try to be in the womans shoe, one can do without electricity but water is life….if she has the means she will pay but here is the case she can’t afford to pay and she can’t survive without water. This video is more than we are seeing.

graham.foxworthy: She should be arrested right away. We can be wishing for Ghana to work and then someone will behave this way. I mean which country’s serious citizens behave in this manner.

_sknti: I think the woman shd allow the man to go n rather go to the appropriate office nearby to settle the issue…..hmm

ritty_rit: I won’t judge this woman too quickly because, ghana water company came to my parents house to disconnect water supply because they said my folk owe them. How? We pay our water bill every month, and we barely see water flow to be honest . These people said their system miscalculated the bill for us so we should pay gh9000+ eleff small na gh10000. This is a home occupied by two old people. No tenants whatsoever. My parents asked them to go on and discount because they wouldn’t pay such amount of money. A few months later. One rep came to the house to re- connect saying that it was a mistake. God of mother Ghana have mercy. If they paid, they wouldn’t have refunded trust me.

jbosei279: If the guy hit her small, u will see the women activist.
Geogyamfi: This person doing “I will not fix it” will go to a wealthy man’s house, take something into his pocket n let dat wealthy person slide tho his cost wud even be way higher.

Source: OccupyGh.com 

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