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The series finale of A million little things airs tonight, May 3, on ABC.

As fans knew the day was coming, it was revealed that Gary, played by James Roday Rodriguez, is actually deceased. However, fans are speechless as to how it happened.

Head inside for all the details on the A Million Little Things series finale…SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

In the final episode, it was revealed that Gary had made a pact with Rome and Eddie to help him die “with dignity” if his pain became unbearable.

Unable to speak, Gary communicated to his best friends the code word they had for the time being. While Eddie and Rome initially struggled with his request, they went ahead with Gary’s dying wish.

Maggie, his wife, is the one who finally helped let Gary say goodbye to this world, after watching the video he recorded after Eddie and Rome insisted he do so.

In an interview with Deadline, james opened up about Gary’s story and how he approached assisted suicide.

“I found out towards the end of Season 1 and I was sworn to secrecy,” he told the outlet about how far in advance he knew what was going to happen. “And then DJ [Nash, showrunner] would check in with me periodically over the course of the series just to make sure it still felt like the direction we wanted to go.

james says that for him, “I was always like, as long as we feel like we’ve earned it and not like we’re dropping the most horrible thing we can do on people, I’m totally depressed because that’s life, and that’s the experience that we try to reflect on the show, for better or for worse, and I think it’s important to show that that’s how it is passes for a lot of people who suffer from this disease, especially since we already had a character who defeated it.”

Fans of the show will know that Gary was battling stage IV lung cancer.

james also talked about those last moments between Maggie and Gary, where she decides it will be her instead of Rome and Eddie.

“[She] makes the last call which is absolutely as it should be. That’s what a partnership is, that’s what you signed up for,” he says. “I think Gary was hoping that she would be sitting next to him at the end. I didn’t want to impose that on her, but I think it ended exactly as he had hoped.


Earlier this week, the good doctor also ended its season, with one star leaving the show.

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