A few days after Iya Gbonkan receives a car gift, she shows off and moves into her newly completed house

Iya Gbonkana veteran Yoruba actress, flaunted her newly completed home just days after receiving a brand new car.

Recall that Alexes, a UK-based film marketing company, gave the actress a brand new car after she complained about having to rely on motorbikes and public transport to get to locations. shooting.

Iya Gbonkan shows off her newly built house days after receiving a car as a gift.

Accompanying Iya Gbonkan to pick up the car entrusted to her was Alirat Adunni, also known as Tamotiye, and Toyin Oladiran, popularly known as Abeni Agbon. She was seen in the video crying with excitement and expressing her gratitude.

In a recent development, Iya Gbonkan’s newly built house has surfaced on the internet.

Speaking with the preacher, the Yoruba actress said her joy filled her to the point that she was no longer hungry.

Iya Gbonkan remarked that she never imagined living in such a pleasant house as the one she received.

In his words:

“I haven’t been hungry all day because my joy knows no bounds. I never thought I could live in a good house.

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