’90 Day Fiancé’ Angela Deem seen on the beach showing off her new body

90 day fiance Star Angela Deem was seen on the beach showing off her new body. Angela looks great after undergoing liposuction, gastric sleeve surgery and breast reduction in August 2020. Her husband Michael has made it clear he loves her the way she is and doesn’t think she needs to have surgery and change.

Angela Deem surgery

Angela Deem had surgery in 2020 and People shared details of what she did and how much weight she lost. By July 2021, she had lost around 90 pounds. of these surgeries. Gastric sleeve surgery can be difficult to keep the weight off after a while, but Angela proves in recent pictures that she still looks great and has kept it off.

Before the operation, Angela Deem of 90 day fiance had gained about 20-25 lbs. She realized it was time to do something about it. As well as undergoing surgery, she revealed that she has been using Plexus ever since to help her maintain her weight.

Angela rocks him on the beach

Angela Deem from 90 day fiance was great view on the beach and hanging out with fans. You can see what she looks like in her two-piece swimsuit below. She does a great job of keeping her body fantastic.

Angela Deem swimsuit
Angela Deim

Angela looks stunning in her two piece swimsuit and you can tell she has kept her weight off. His face is obviously thinner. She posted that she had met queens with a photo of herself with two fans. Looks like she’s having fun at the beach, but we don’t know who she was hanging out with there.

The last fans knew, Michael and Angela were still together and married. He has yet to move to the United States they revealed. If fans had seen him at the beach with her, they probably would have leaked this news. But she was with someone. The fan responded in the comments saying, “It was so nice meeting you! Hope you enjoy your time here ☀️💕” No word on if the 90 day fiance neither were the cameras rolling.

Are you shocked by the quality 90 day fiance star Angela Deem takes care of her operations? Have your say in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of 90 day fiance and all spinoffs on TLC.

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