8 of the most expensive sneakers of all time

Sneaker collectors are willing to go further than you think to acquire a legendary pair of sneakers and place them in their hall of fame. Here are the most expensive sneakers ever sold.

These expensive sneakers are mostly associated with the world of sports, drawing inspiration from or resulting from a collaboration with famous sports icons. On the other hand, some of these sneakers were created through an influential partnership with celebrities and designers. While all are dear to the sneaker collecting community, Air Jordans are definitely ahead of the pack. Here’s a closer look.

The most expensive sneakers of all time

Air Jordan 12 OVO (Drake Edition)

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The Nike collaboration with the famous rapper Drake has proven to be very lucrative. The Air Jordan 12 OVO Drake Edition released in 2016 and features clean white leather throughout. Although several Air Jordan 12 OVO (which stands for Drake’s own record and fashion label, October’s Very Own), have seen a large number of sales, this Drake edition is one of the most expensive of its kind.

Price: $100,000

Air Jordan 12 (flu game)

Image credit: Goat

This rare Air Jordan 12 Flu Game has a unique and memorable value in itself. The sneakers were actually worn by Michael Jordan during his infamous 1997 NBA Finals, when the sports superstar had to play while suffering from the flu. Michael Jordan added over $104,000 to the original price.

Price: $104,765

Buscemi 100 MM Diamond

Image credit: Buscemi

At least one of the most expensive sneakers on this list had to be a luxurious creation from Buscemi, the premium footwear and accessories brand. This Diamond 100MM pair is distinguished by its generous adornment of 11.5 carats of diamonds in 18 carat gold, in the middle of the all-white canvas. Released in 2016, it definitely adds extra elegance to your street lux look.

Price: $132,000

Jordan 1 Retro High Charlotte Hornets Foundation Black/White

Image credit: Charlotte Hornets Foundation

Designed by the legend himself, the Jordan 1 Retro High Charlotte Foundation Black/White was released on Michael Jordan’s 56th birthday in 2019. With just 300 pairs available, the limited shoes adorn a quilted leather upper in color black or pure white. They debuted when worn by Jordan at NBA All-Star Weekend in Charlotte.

Price: Originally from $88,071 and up to $250,000 at auction

Air Jordan 3/8 Retro “Kobe Pack”

Image credit: Goat

These special trainers were distributed only to friends and family of Kobe Bryant in 2016, so the market value has increased unimaginably. The Air Jordan Kobe Pack is a commemoration of Bryant’s outstanding 20 years in the NBA as one of the greatest players of all time. Decorated in the colors of the Los Angeles Lakers, the pair is a replica of the Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 8 offered to the superstar a decade ago.

Price: $800,000

The game Nike Air Ship worn by Michael Jordan

Image credit: Sotheby’s

Here are the most expensive sneakers worn, among many others: the Nike Airship Game Worn by Michael Jordan. Sold for a record price to collector Nick Fiorella at Sotheby’s in 2021, the autographed Air Ship sneakers were worn by MJ in Game 5 of the NBA in 1984.

Price: $1.47 million

Kanye West Nike Air Yeezy 1 ‘Prototype’

Image credit: Sotheby’s

The fantastic success of the collaboration between Nike and Kanye West, Yeezy, is known all over the world these days. In fact, it unofficially started when West performed at the 2008 Grammys and wore his self-designed Air Yeezy 1 prototype on stage. The sneakers went on a private sale at Sotheby’s in 2021 and were sold to RARES, a sneaker investment platform.

Price: $1.8 million

Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans

Image credit: OVO/Matt Senna

It may not make you fly, but this pair of sneakers will surely attract you a lot of attention. The Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans were born from the collaboration of Drake and Nike and are coated in 24k gold. Designed by American artist Matthew Senna, the sneakers were released in 2016 and are by far the most expensive pair of sneakers ever. With a weight of over 22 kilograms for each shoe and interiors that are uncomfortable and inconvenient to wear, these bad boys are more of a prized possession to admire than to wear.

Price: $2 million

Featured Hero and Image Credit: OVO/Matt Senna]

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