7 documentaries to watch next

Prime Video’s new docu-series Shiny Happy People: Secrets of the Duggar Family takes a critical look at the family who starred in TLC’s hit reality series 19 Children and Counting. Over the course of four episodes, the series explores the disturbing truth behind what went on behind the scenes at the Duggar household. It also examines how the family used their television show to promote an ultra-conservative ideology linked to controversial Christian leader Bill Gothard and his Institute of Fundamentals of Life.

Promotional image for 'Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets' of the Duggar family with happy faces on their faces
“Shiny Happy People: Secrets of the Duggar Family” | Amazon Studios

Have you been fascinated by Bright happy peoplelook at the dark underside of conservative Christianity? Then stream these seven documentaries that explore the relationship between faith, abuse and political power.

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