3 of the show’s most irritating continuity errors

king of queens ran for nine seasons. By all accounts, the show was a success, and it still holds sway today. Available to stream on Peacock, there has been renewed interest in the classic series. However, watching episodes in rapid succession makes glaring errors a bit more obvious. With each binge-watch, a new continuity error is discovered. We collected the king of queens three most glaring continuity errors for your consideration.

Leah Remini, Kevin James and Jerry Stiller pose together in the Heffernens' living room for
Leah Remini and Kevin James and Jerry Stiller | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Spence ate peanut M&Ms before revealing he had a peanut allergy

A peanut allergy is no laughing matter. Apparently, Doug Heffernan’s best friend, Spence Olchin, had such a severe peanut allergy that it required a hospital visit. Spence’s fragile health and allergies have been a story more than once on king of queensand his peanut allergy was widely discussed in later seasons.

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