14 subtle tricks to convince people

In most relationships, there will always be some disagreements. Instead of trying to avoid conflict altogether, it can be helpful to learn some strategies for arguing well. In fact, if you can argue in a healthy and productive way, you can still convince people, even while you’re arguing.

We recommend self-publishing. Think over your sentences before you speak, especially during arguments. This will help you avoid being too offensive or cruel during combat. Give the other person space and time to make their point, listen and respond carefully.

If you learn to have healthy arguments, you might even find that your relationships grow. “Great friendships are formed through the discussion of ideas,” says Susan McLennan. “Inevitably, you won’t agree with your new friend on some of these ideas. You want your honesty and authenticity to shine through and not be caught up in a misguided desire to be right. Disagreements strengthen a friendship. They signal resilience and expand its boundaries and reach. As Dr. Bruce Bassi adds, this kind of argument might even help you and the other person find “common ground.”

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