11 Facts About Marcus Rogers

Marcus Rogers is the Pastor of Firehouse Church in Chicago. He is the famous Internet Preacher who has amassed vast amounts of followers on his social media platforms.

Rogers started following the words of Jesus Christ at the age of 7 and tried to convey God’s message to all the people who wanted to follow Christianity. He was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, on the 19th of July, 1996.

Regarding his educational details, Marcus received an education at home and went to college for only a year before joining the Army.

Net Worth – Is Marcus Rogers Rich?

Marcus Rogers has yet to state his net worth officially. However, based on his affluent lifestyle Rogers is speculated to have a hefty amount of approximately $1.6 Million.

His primary source of income is his preaching on the internet and at Firehouse Church of Chicago. He has a lot of followers in them.

Similarly, he is the writer of Through The Fire To Be On Fire (2017), End World and The I Do’s and the I Dont’s of Marriage (2011), and so on. They are earning a substantial amount for him.

Likewise, his Christian gospels and rap songs like Door of Adonai, God is good, Great God, Washed Away, Most High, etc., are making money for him.

Relationship Status – Is Marcus Rogers Married?

Marcus Rogers has been married four times to three different women. Currently, he is in a marital relationship with his long-time Facebook follower Jazmine. The love birds tied the knot in a wedding ceremony in the winter of 2019.

Marcus Rogers with his wife Jazmine Rogers
Marcus Rogers with his wife, Jazmine Rogers.
Source: Facebook Marcus Rogers

Rogers has shared clips and pictures of his wedding, where Jazmine was wearing a beautiful white gown. She had no bridesmaid or any man to give her away. The loving duo seems to be very happy and comfortable with each other and has shared many pictures of them together on their respective social media platforms.

The Famous Internet Preacher was very happy when Jazmine accepted his proposal. He even shared this beautiful moment through his social media. They share a child together.

First Marriage And Infidelity

Marcus first walked down the aisle with a woman named Erin in 2005. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last longer than five years, as his wife filed for a divorce in 2010.

Rogers was accused of showing adultery and abusive behaviour toward his wife. The reason for their divorce was stated to be their immaturity, frequent deployments, and infidelity.

Erin’s sister claims Marcus planned the divorce by going to Virginia and making it seem like it was actually Erin who had abandoned him, and he could not locate her.

Even though the couple shared three children together, this could not save their marriage from ending.

Marriage And Remarriage With Second Wife

Even though Rogers is a religious person and follows Christianity, this does not stop him from committing infidelity. He admitted that his second wife, Lavern, whom he married shortly after the divorce with his first wife, was his mistress.

Marcus Rogers: Divorce and Married Three Times In Adultery | Pastor Gino Jennings vs Marcus Rogers.

Lavern and Rogers shared two children together. They faced many ups and downs in their marital life and split before remarrying again in 2016.

In early 2016, Roger said that God wanted him to be his child again and fix things with his wife as they were not legally divorced. Lavern and Marcus once again tried to be in a relationship and married, only to divorce again in 2017. This incident caused him to be on QMP leave.

Blessed With Children

Rogers is blessed with six children from his three marriages. From his first marriage, he shared three children. Likewise, his second marriage made him the father of addition two children. He has not talked much about his children from his previous wives, but he supports them.

Marcus Rogers son
Marcus Rogers’s son.
Source: Instagram @marcusrogerschildoftheking

Marcus has shared a picture of his baby boy on Instagram, whom he shares with his current wife. His name is Poncho, and many people say that Poncho looks exactly like his mother.

Marcus Rogers Ministries

Marcus Rogers is a preacher and a minister at the Firehouse church located in Chicago. He has talked many people into walking on the path of Jesus Christ. He conveys the message of the one and has successfully amassed a lot of followers.

He began his career as a street preacher and shared religious films on Facebook. Since 2005, he has been a full-time minister. Rogers has sufficient pastoral experience from his tenure in the Army National Guard, the local church, and academic ministry.

Served As An Army

Firehouse Church Pastor Rogers began his career the Army at the age of 18. He was put on QMP leave for his behaviour that does not meet army standards.

Marcus Rogers in Army Uniform
Marcus Rogers in an Army Uniform.
Source: Christain Post

He served two separate combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan during his time in the Army. In addition to this, he had also visited South Korea once, where he heard his name being called and felt himself being drawn closer to earth.

Rogers Has Released Christian Rap Songs

Rogers has tried modern ways to spread the message of gods to the people. He has released many Christian rap songs to ensure that youths who do not read bibles or any religious materials know about God’s words.

Door Of Adonai (feat MARV).

He releases this song from his youtube channel. Some of his songs are Door of Adonai, God is good, Great God, Washed Away, Most High, etc.

As An Author

Marcus has demonstrated his writing skills by publishing two books. He has tried to teach people about the way of God. He has shared the things that God has said to him throughout his life journey in his books. Additionally, the Pastor has also mentioned his marriage and divorce.

Marcus Rogers book
Marcus Rogers’s book.
Source: Amazon

So far, he has published many books under his name titled Through The Fire To Be On Fire (2017), End WorldThe I Do’s and the I Dont’s of Marriage (2011), and so on. They are available in online and offline bookstores.

Talked About True Faith Vs Gummy Bear Christain

Rogers has always talked about true faith in Christianity and is not in favour of Gummy Bear Christain. He has also posted about how the world is in need of true faith rather than Gummy Bears his Facebook bio.

He often talks about this topic on his youtube channel as well as podcasts. Rogers has also said that many people are doubtful about him being religious because of his living ways.

Has A Lot Of Followers In Social Media Platforms

The Chicago Firehouse church pastor uses social media happily and has a lot of followers. He has activated his accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

He is available on Instagram with the username @marcusrogerschildoftheking, in which he has accumulated more than 184k followers. He has shared glimpses of his professional and personal life through this platform.

Likewise, he joined Twitter in July 2011 and has 8k followers. So far, he has made 318 tweets from his username @MarcusjRogers. Also, his Facebook account has a 974k following.

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